Copfilter 2.0.91beta4 for IPCop 2.0.3 - 2.0.6

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Copfilter 2.0.91beta4 for IPCop 2.0.3 - 2.0.6

Post by karesmakro » 03 Aug 2013 19:55

Released Copfilter 2.0.91beta3

Copfilter 2.0.91beta4 is an components update and bugfix release, integrated with a flash installer (axs dot at),were principal aim of this release was the stability and the package updates, after the last version dates back more than a year

Big thanks to Severus, FischerM, ShelbyGT500 and all forum members for ideas, fixes and extensions!

  • - newest 3rd Sigs (Severus)
    - new C-ICAP / HAVP Templates (ShelbyGT500)
    - updated and modified language files (FischerM)
    - flash installer (company axs dot at)
    - modified interection between C-ICAP, HAVP and Privoxy
a full changelog you'll find at:

md5sum: 72f3ef7e5b2d71a2c8fbe430172c99f2

Update: I've forgotten it again, finally to add Severus to the Credits for his hard contribution to the 3rd Sigs! @Severus, please forgive me!
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Re: Copfilter 2.0.91beta4 for IPCop 2.0.3 - 2.0.6

Post by jcsernik » 11 Aug 2013 05:39

Hooray! Thanks! :lol:

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