Survey: IPFire and "Firefilter"

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Would you change to IPFire in order to use "FireFilter"?

Poll ended at 03 Oct 2012 11:28

Total votes: 20

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Survey: IPFire and "Firefilter"

Post by FischerM »

In November 2012 Copfilter celebrates its 10th anniversary as an IPCop add-on.

This is really a reason to celebrate: he started as a POP3 Virus Scanner and now provides SMTP-, HTTP-, FTP-support, C-ICAP with URLFilter integration and much more.

The resulting, increased demands however, lead us to the consideration of a more modern and more flexible basis - IPFire - which would give us not only more opportunities but also a higher level of acceptance (by the corresponding team).

In order to obtain a representative feedback, we would like you have your statement.

Thank you - your Copfilter developers!

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Re: Survey: IPFire and "Firefilter"

Post by KenGuru »

YES! :D I have switched from IpCop to Ipfire, and would definitely want to see a "Firefilter".

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Re: Survey: IPFire and "Firefilter"

Post by dws4wdr »

I have been using Copfilter for years and would like to see this happen also.

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Re: Survey: IPFire and "Firefilter"

Post by gsporter »

I also used IPCop for a number of years. Because of the lack of change to keep up with current hw I have tried a number of other firewalls such as pfSense and Untangle. The closest thing to the old IPCop is IPFire. I think Copfilter and IPFire make a great combination.

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Re: Survey: IPFire and "Firefilter"

Post by jasonwalls »

Have been a loyal Endian fan for the past 10 odd years. Have recently changed to IPfire and am appreciating that it is an active project. I think this would make a great addition to the IPfire project.

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Re: Survey: IPFire and "Firefilter"

Post by Repairman »

I have been using IPFire for some time. As a matter of fact, this is the first time I've had to post anything on IPCop's forum unlike IPFire. Because there is so many problems with it, I had to register on their forums to be able to get answers and tell them things were not working pretty much from day one.
Most recently, their IPFire 2.11 - Core Update 61 still has serious problems that nobody has been able to even give me any kind of hint of what could be wrong.

Don't misunderstand me! I believe that at some point in the future they could have a great project on their hands. They have taken IPFire far further than IPCop was ever headed. But when they ignore straight forward posts with detailed information. It makes me wonder how serous they are about providing support.

I know their attention is (and has been for awhile, it seems) spent on IPFire 3, but that does not solve a rather serous problem. Which is, their product keeps newer browsers from being able to view the pages needed for more than 5 minutes. If not less. It starts popping up useless error/warning messages in place of the images that make up the site. With no corresponding error in the logs to help track down the problem.
I installed a test IPFire setup on my home system and at one other company I support. But I had to stop at that point because of my lack of faith in their ability to help solve problems. I have many other installations of IPCop waiting for someone to get their act together. And at this point IPFire is NOT IT.

I've been waiting for IPFire 3 to see if it might addresses the issue (without bringing other serous problems along). But I cannot wait much longer. I must find a content filtering firewall that can do what it says it does. And right now, IPCop (with addons) will manage to do that.

And as a side-note. The PC's/systems that cannot browse sites behind IPFire have no problem doing so behind IPCop. Besides the fact I have so many systems and can bring up any OS I want. That's the only way I can function. By taking my personal system and creating a VPN into one of my IPCop systems, which will then work fine.

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Re: Survey: IPFire and "Firefilter"

Post by tmkoeln »


You aren't just denouncing the members of IPfire on other forums, aren't you?
As I wrote according to your post the other day:

Ipfire is community developed so you can't blame anyone for your failure of not reading the wiki or such :shock: .

I started working with Ipfire in late december 2011, but had trouble getting Ipfire to work with some legacy (slow & old Pentium III 800 Mhz and Seagate 20 GB HDD) hardware, so I started by using it trial and error (to learn how it works). By January 2012 I have had printed out and read almost every page of the wiki so I knew where to start. By mid-january we were starting to get some DF945GCLF2 mainboards from Intel back (because the customer was/is still in need of a low power sollution, but needs more speed, than it was possible with the Atom 330). With the Atom 330 on the hand I started to build my Fire @home machine which works from this time (just one headcrash in the beginning of Febuary occured due to old parts...).


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Re: Survey: IPFire and "Firefilter"

Post by g7nbp »

I voted yes here... but it comes with a "BUT"!

I have a lot of clients currently running ipcop based firewalls, with existing VPNs and often quite complex setups. In the vast majority of cases the systems work fine and require little maintenance beyond basic housekeeping.

I see the merits of IPFire from both a software and hardware perspective, and integration of Firefilter would certainly be a major plus -just as copfilter is THE main reason why I still chose ipcop over other firewall solutions. But... (see I told you there was one!) - the prospect of convincing a large number of happy clients to move to a new system would make me think twice at this stage. I would want to see and extensively test before rolling out.

My reputation depends on it ;)

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Re: Survey: IPFire and "Firefilter"

Post by karesmakro »

Thank you for leaving us your feedback!
I think, we have to correct something. We probably plan to support a further firewall system with our filter system and currently have no plans to give the Copfilter project for IPCop entirely on! There is just a little bit more to do :D

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