URL filtering

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URL filtering

Postby moshari_3 » 09 Apr 2010 13:28


Yes I know it's a big ask & I know there is URL Filter but it does not seem to allow filtering according to user & their group membership.

For example:
User1 member of group1 has no access to the internet.
User2 member of group2 can only surf the whitelist
User3 member of group3 can view anything as long as it's not on blacklist
User4 member of group4 has unrestricted access to the net.

Yes I have children boys & girls so hence the question.

Any other suggestions or alternative addons will be seriously considered. :)

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Re: URL filtering

Postby karesmakro » 13 Apr 2010 12:03

Hi, I think, copfilter is no the right place for your wish.
Your wish belongs to Advanced Proxy / URL Filter addon section, but I think, they would not integrate a feature like this, because the most of users do not need this functionality!
But this should be possible by setting some acl restrictions in squid.conf, or if you use advanced proxy, the acl.include file is for custom code. I have to look for both addons, to say this for sure! If you need some help, to do so, let me know, but this could take a while

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Re: URL filtering

Postby moshari_3 » 14 Apr 2010 12:00

Thank you karesmakro.

I did actually post on the IPCOP Support forum as well. I couldn't find a URL Filter support page. :(

Have had a similar reply as yours from there. Yours was a little more informative I'm happy to say.
I have a bit of reading to do but I suspect it may all be beyond my limited skills.

Just FYI I'm currently using ADV Proxy & Url filter along with Copfilter as well.

I will let you know how I go & hopefully post a reasonable method to achieve what I want but more likely I will end up asking for more help.
It may take me a while to read through & understand as well of course.

Any useful and informative links are always greatly appreciated.

Again many thanks for the direction as to where & what to look for. :)
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