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Windows Help/Support

Post by Beggar » 13 Mar 2013 14:56

I'm quite interested in this project after searching for 3rd Party privoxy filters. From my understanding Copfilter is only for Linux, I decided to download it anyway and check out some of the files, from the look of it, many of the default ".action" and others files is not very different from the Windows version (official Privoxy).

So I'm quite curious, if (1) Can I use Copfilter in some way? and (2) Will Windows ever be supported?

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Re: Windows Help/Support

Post by ShelbyGT500 » 14 Mar 2013 00:12

Hi Beggar,

Welcome on Copfilter Forum ! ;)
Beggar wrote:Will Windows ever be supported?
Mmmh... not sure ! :D
Beggar wrote:So I'm quite curious, if (1) Can I use Copfilter in some way?
If you're really curious, have a try ! :D

Retrieves an old computer, then install IPCOP and Copfilter and you will become like me! you can no longer do without!
Copfilter features are numerous (filtering POP, SMTP. HTPP, instant messaging, FTP, antivirus, spam, content filtering ...) and enrich regularly.
With a single installation on a gateway, you protect all your network !.
And you will always find someone on this forum to help you.

Have a try !

Regards. ;)


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