Fix for Blacklist Quarantine Notification

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Fix for Blacklist Quarantine Notification

Post by ShelbyGT500 » 19 Oct 2014 16:24


For now, if you quarantine a message from a blacklisted sender, you will receive always a notification, even Quarantine Notification is disabled.
(thanks to Zahu for report)

Here is the Fix! ;)

With it, you will receive notification for blacklist only if it is enabled on Pop3 GUI.

Download Fix for Blacklist Notification
md5: 27e379e8dc812bbafcb3b685632369be

Copy to /tmp. Then type:

Code: Select all

tar xzvf Notif_blacklist_fix.tar.gz
cd Notif_blacklist_fix
The uninstall will restore all your original files.



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