Update: privoxy 3.0.24

This forum is for all copfilter version 2 support related questions in English. (IPCop version 2)
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Update: privoxy 3.0.24

Post by ShelbyGT500 » 01 Feb 2016 20:36


There is a new update.
Kare released the package for Copfilter V2:

Download: https://www.it-connect-unix.de/index.ph ... tid=34&m=0
md5sum: 9714f42aefed50ab5a8f1b4ccb1bd8f8
sha1sum: c26142edfc1bc551fc21eb92e7b968ef2cb76fb0

Security fixes (denial of service):
Prevent invalid reads in case of corrupt chunk-encoded content. CVE-2016-1982. Bug discovered with afl-fuzz and AddressSanitizer.
Remove empty Host headers in client requests. Previously they would result in invalid reads. CVE-2016-1983. Bug discovered with afl-fuzz and AddressSanitizer.

Complete Changelog : http://www.privoxy.org/user-manual/whatsnew.html



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