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New update: clamav 0.99.2, c-icap 0.4.3, openssl 1.0.1t

Posted: 08 May 2016 12:52
by ShelbyGT500

Kare updated a new package ! :D

This contains:
- clamav 0.99.2
- openssl 1.0.1t
- c-icap 0.4.3
- c-icap -modules 0.4.3

Download: Removed for now, to check there is not an issue
md5sum 13c9ebd5ba1d0badc0ffa391a103f9a1
sha1sum 3488e11cbc2cf34048d055fb8ad42640f3394d38

Known issue: you need to restart manually c-icap after installing this package, if you use c-icap only for URL-filtering. This bug be fixed in next update pack. ;)