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Even though declared as beta, all important features have worked for me. 



Copfilter v2 2.1.93beta1 (released 14.03.2015)

copfilter-2.1.93beta1.tgz  sha1  txt   [ CHANGELOG ]   for IPCop 2.1.8 - 2.1.9



Copfilter v2 2.1.92beta6 (released 16.11.2014)

copfilter-2.1.92beta6.tgz  sha1  txt   [ CHANGELOG ]   for IPCop 2.1.7



Copfilter v2 2.1.92beta5 (released 09.11.2014)

copfilter-2.1.92beta5.tgz  sha1  txt   [ CHANGELOG ]   for IPCop 2.1.7



Copfilter v2 2.1.92beta4 (released 04.05.2014)

copfilter-2.1.92beta4.tgz  md5  txt   [ CHANGELOG ]   for IPCop 2.1.5 - 2.1.7



Copfilter v2 2.1.92beta3 (released 10.04.2014)

copfilter-2.1.92beta3.tgz  md5  txt   [ CHANGELOG ]   for IPCop 2.1.3 - 2.1.4



Copfilter v2 2.1.92beta2 (released 14.03.2014)

copfilter-2.1.92beta2.tgz  md5  txt   [ CHANGELOG ]   for IPCop 2.1.1 - 2.1.2



Copfilter v2 2.0.91beta4 (released 03.08.2013)

copfilter-2.0.91beta4.tgz  md5  txt   [ CHANGELOG ]   for IPCop 2.0.3 - 2.0.6



Copfilter v2 2.0.91beta3 (released 19.02.2012)

copfilter-2.0.91beta3.tgz  md5  txt   [ CHANGELOG ]   for IPCop 2.0.3 / 2.0.4



Copfilter v2 2.0.91beta1 (released 07.01.2012)

copfilter-2.0.91beta1.tgz  md5  txt   [ CHANGELOG ]   for IPCop 2.0.2


Note the instructions to solve the Whitelist Manager problem in the Copfilter Forum



Copfilter v2 2.0.90 (released 29.05.2011)

copfilter-2.0.90.tgz md5 txt    [ CHANGELOG ]    for IPCop 1.9.19 - 2.0.0



Copfilter v2 - IPCop 2.0.2 (released 13.11.2011)

copfilter-2.0.90-ipcop-2.0.x-update.tgz md5 txt   [ CHANGELOG ]   for IPCop 2.0.x - Copfilter 2.0.90 only






Copfilter v1 0.85.3beta4 (released 14.08.2011)

copfilter-0.85.3beta4.tgz md5 txt [ CHANGELOG ]   for IPCopf 1.4.x only



Copfilter v1 0.85.2 (released 21.12.2010)

copfilter-0.85.2.tgz   md5 txt       [ CHANGELOG ]        for IPCop 1.4.x only



Copfilter v1 PHP 5.3.9 (released 14.01.2012)

copfilter-v1_php-5.3.9.sec.tgz    [ CHANGELOG ]    for Copfilter v1 0.84.x/0.85.x


md5sum: b4896f9806c496947a754370cad25fe8



You might want to deactivate your virus scanner while downloading (if you get CRC errors 
when trying to install the downoaded archive), this file contains the testvirus. 

The Copfilter menu has been removed from the Services Section. It now has its own tab. 
Empty your web browser's and webproxy's cache if you don't see the new Copfilter tab. 
Or fix it with ./setup_util -a if the menu appears "transparent". 

Please read the Documentation before installing. 
Also uninstall any old version before updating (backup/restore of current settings is possible). 

Please try and test everything, bugs and feedback reports would be great in the forum or via the mailing list
Minimum hardware requirements (more is better):   cpu 500 Mhz, mem 512MB RAM, without spam filtering 360MB 
Minimum hardware requirements for Copfilter v2 :    cpu 700 Mhz, mem 796MB RAM, without spam filtering 512MB


This package is NOT an official IPCop addon. It has not been approved or reviewed by the ipcop development team. It comes with NO warranty or guarantee, so use it at your own risk. This package adds firewall rules, proxies, filters and virus scanners to your ipcop machine. Do NOT use Copfilter if firewall security is an issue. 

Older Copfilter Versions

copfilter-0.85.tgz   md5 txt       [ CHANGELOG ] 
copfilter-0.84beta5.tgz   md5 txt       [ CHANGELOG ] 

These are pretty old: 
copfilter-0.84beta4.tgz   md5 txt       23,529 Downloads since 2009-02-28       [ CHANGELOG ] 
copfilter-0.84beta3a.tgz   md5 txt     48,128 Downloads since 2007-11-11       [ CHANGELOG ] 
copfilter-0.82.1.tgz md5 txt               62,596 Downloads since 2006-03-14 

Please use this patch from forum user karesmakro to fix a bug where the main ipcop page will not show the hostname and ip address after installing copfilter-0.84beta4.tgz. Older Copfilter versions can be found @ sourceforge 

old copfilter for IPcop 1.4.0, 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 only

copfilter does not work on ipcop 1.4.4 and higher, a fix is available here 

Download:     copfilter-   copfilter- (md5 as text)