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  • Please report any bugs/errors you get, or any questions which arise when installing the package
         to the Copfilter forum or the copfilter-main mailing list

  • FAQ

    What if I get this error while extracting copfilter "tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors"
    Your download is corrupt, the whole file was not downloaded. Try to download the file again.

    What if the razor account creation fails during copfilter installation?
    Either you did not have an active Internet connection or you are not allowing outgoing traffic on port 2703

    What can I do if I see the following error message appearing while booting ipcop:
        /var/log/copfilter/default/opt/monit/etc/monitrc:11: Error: Syntax error 'from'
    Enter an email address in the Copfilter Webgui and the error message will not appear again

    How can i backup and restore my copfilter configuration ?
    read this post on the copfilter forum

    What do the HAVP error codes -60 -80 and -120 mean ?
    -60     No connection to the server (server is down)
    -80     HTTP Header could not be read from the Server (no Header or Header is invalid)
    -120   The Content-Length Parameter in the HTTP Header of the Server Reply did not match the true length

    I've been looking at Copfilter and it seems like a great solution for what we want to do.
    My question is do we absolutely need IPCOP for this to run ? We already have a firewall
    in place and it works perfectly, so basically, I just want to add a machine with Copfilter
    immediately behind the firewall to do all the traffic filtering. Is this possible ?
    Copfilter is absolutely dependant on ipcop, it uses various tools,files and the webserver
    included in ipcop, but i must say that installing IPCop is VERY easy.
    Just download the iso file, burn the cd, go through a few questions, and you can
    get any old machine (>400MHz 256MB) up and running in a few minutes
    (maybe 15min if you are absolutely new to ipcop, but no more :)
    I would recommend putting IPCop infront of your current firewall, lots of
    people use ipcop this way, including myself !

    I'm using incoming SMTP scanning, emails get forwarded to my internal
    Microsoft Exchange server, but now the exchange server is an
    open relay now, how can i resolve this?
    Answer: from the forum:
    As described above I only allowed the Mailserver itself to relay.
    In the System-Manager -> Server -> Protocoll -> SMTP -> virtual SMTP
    opened the Properties window. There in the sheet Access -> Relayrestrictions
    marked 'only computers in the list below'.
    In the list the only entry is 'allow'.
    Do not allow authenticated computers to relay.
    At 'users': authenticated users are allowed to transmit not to relay.
    We have the german version of MS-Exchange 2003 so translation could differ a bit.
    I did some tests before with online services to check the relay behaviour of the server.
    It was marked as open relay there.
    After the changings in the relay options it was OK, no more open relay.

    Question I am getting timeouts or errors when sending large SMTP Emails through Copfilter
    via Thunderbird, MS Exchange Server,.. (some mails are sent more than once)
    Answer: Please go to /var/log/copfilter/default/opt/proxsmtp/etc, open proxsmtpd.conf and
  • increase timeout option "FilterTimeout" (in seconds). Restart service by copfilter_restartproxsmtpd
  • and try again. It may be also useful, to start proxsmtpd in debug mode copfilter_stopproxsmptd ->
  • /etc/rc.d/init.d/copfilter_proxsmtpd debug (press CTRL + c for stopping debug modus)