Actitve developer:



 I'm an around the clock admin who supports companies with their system- and network environments and also assembles/installs their servers (all in Linux). Since I benefit much from open source software (knowledge),

I want to give something back to the community. That's why the Copfilter project became my hobby. 


As Markus already mentioned, I am currently actively developing Copfilter.

I want to say thanks to Markus for his confidence and his effort in me and I will try to keep this project in honor!


My special thanks goes also to Severus and FischerM (and all that were not listed here) from the Copfilter forum, who supported Copfilter over the long years with their effort and improvements to this piece of software and who helped to keep this project alive!




Passive developer (Copfilter founder):

My name is Markus Madlener and I'm from Bregenz in Vorarlberg,

which is the most western part of Austria

(image from Wikipedia

Some History.. 
A few years ago (around Nov 2002) I started this project as a pop3 virus scanner (using pop3vscan) on IPCop. 
The reason was simple. I didn't want to rely on the virus scanners installed on my other family members machines. 
Sometimes the virus signature updates would not work, some virus scanners did not recognize this or that virus, 
and most of them would only update once a day. 
So I thought why not filter the traffic before it reaches the family PC's and update the virus signatures 
every hour on a central machine. This had to happen transparently so that no mail client configuration was necessary. 

And so Copfilter was born   o/ 

Even though it had no webgui or installation script, some friends where already asking for it, 
so I started packaging it for them (called it ipcop_addon_pkg at that stage). Then after about a year I 
setup a basic website with the possiblity to download ipcop_addon_pkg. It found some users right away :-) 

Later on ipcop_addon_pkg was renamed into Copfilter and development continued, 
now it even scans for SPAM and includes support for protocols like SMTP, FTP and HTTP. 
Enjoy :-) 

You can send me mail regarding this website or copfilter @ this address: markus dot madlener at copfilter dot org
(for example "hello at test dot com" means 

As of September 2009 I have started my own IT business. My company's name is SimpleIT based in Bregenz, Vorarlberg. 


As of December 2010 I do not use Copfilter personally anymore, so I have decided to stop most of my active work with Copfilter.

But no worries, I have handed over most of Copfilter to karesmakro, granting him full access to the sourceforge project as well as to this Website/Wiki/Forum. Kare has provided the Copfilter community with frequent updates - like ClamAV and he is actively developing Copfilter. I will still be around as a project maintainer by providing/maintaining all the infrastructure (Wiki, Forum, Website), maybe some parts of Copfilter and by having a voice whenever major design decisions are to be made.