Some people new to Copfilter might feel like this:

Mr.ElectricWizard Posted: Aug 29, 2005 - 11:20 AM  
      Hey fellow IPCoppers,
      Is this mod necessary?

      It looks like it has some really cool features like Anti-Virus, but what
      are your experiences with it?  Before you tell me to go to the Copfilter
      Support forums, I have been there and there are no threads on general
      feeling of how the product performs.

      What I would like is to ultimately uninstall Zone Alarm from my XP box,
      and take care of everything on my IPCop box in a secure way...

and they might get some answers as:

dayne Posted: Aug 29, 2005 - 02:06 PM  
      I love Copfilter. The latest version supports Virus and Spam quaranting
      and Discarding. It protected my entire school network when Sober.P was
      flooding email servers around the world. Our email server stayed nice and safe!
      It uses the on of the best virus scanners available (Clamav). You also have the
      option of a second virus scanner FPROT (but you have to get a license if you are
      not a home user).

      All in all I don't know where I would be without Copfilter. You should always have
      multiple layers of security so don't just rely on the gateway virus scanning of
      Copfilter, get a decent antivirus for your desktop (if you run windows). :-)

drott Posted: Aug 29, 2005 - 05:38 PM  
      I think it is needed. This is really the open source answer to Sonic Wall, FortiGate,
      Barracuda Devices and other things like that for which small business spends an arm
      and leg to get. I have been using this Mod at Home and several offices in a live
      real world settings with more than one user. The largest is with 30+ users.
      Average daily 8 hour usage of the internet is right around 1.5gb in and out.

      It has worked very well for me and the anti-virus has trapped live real world viruses
      that are very fresh. The developer has been very responsive.

      This really addresses a problem where anti-virus on the desktop can interfere with
      certain websites that are mission Critical to a business. I use it for HAVP, pivoxy,
      Clam and Frox capabilities. Plus the detailed logs give me a correlation of what user
      got into what and found a virus. Helpful when people are not forth comming and indicate
      that they got this message indicating that they just attempted to download this trojan virus.

      Luckily my ISP, has a super strong and tight anti virus and spam for Mail so my 700+
      users are some what well protected in that respect. The additional feature he has sure
      are nice to have for those people whose ISP's are not so caring.

      While nothing is pefect I am sure glad to see this add on. It me it seems to add a further
      line of defense at the front end.

      I have done it behind Nat boxes and behind bridgeing firewalls for added security.
      Easy to administer and to understand. I my limited opinion it has been really great so far.

necro1234 Posted: Aug 29, 2005 - 12:29 AM  
      I started using this about a week ago, AMAZING!!!!!
      What a brilliant addon, this lill beut has got 2 virii in my email thus far, and the
      fact that no client setup is needed is just great, ClamAv got 2 virii classified as
      "phishing" from those fake PayPal sites.
      It also has the option for virus scanning of HTTP and FTP as well as SPAM filters
      and PRIVOXY which can be easily customized via the web GUI.
      So far Im running this together with ADVPROXY and URLFILTER and it has made my life
      far easier as far as taking care of scum getting onto the network.

      The latest release has some nice fixes and features.
      Cheers Sheldon

The follow-up:
Mr.ElectricWizard Posted: Aug 29, 2005 - 09:58 PM
      I surely appreciate all the feedback...
      I just installed it tonight.
      Easy enough to configure.
      Now I just need to get my Web/Email server up... :-)

Testimonials in English:
Bill K, Omaha Nebraska, USA      (sent via email: 29.08.2005)
      I have been watching Markus for the last year and half as he worked
      on his Copfilter and I want to let him know my sincere thanks for
      making this outsanding add-on to IPCOP.  This add-on has really
      helped to make my life better and browsing and using the web more
      secure for my customers, me and my family.
      Within the first three days of installing the new Copfilter beta7,
      in a real world production environment involving 30+ users, Copfilter
      caught a live virus attempting to infect a users machine.  I have liked
      this add-on so much, that in each case where I am using this software,
      I have or will be donating a portion of my earnings to Markus and others
      so that they can keep this going.  
      Please donate and help support the Open Source Community.  
      Thanks to Markus and everyone for the super product and support.
      Bill K
Comments in English:
callmebruce Posted: 03.08.2005, 20:28    [i like this one :)]
      Glad I'm running copfilter. I clicked on a web e-mail today and it was
      blocked as a phishing attempt. Way cool!
dayne Posted: 27.10.2005, 20:03
       IPCOP + Copfilter is awesome when it comes to resources, compared to other firewalls with
       content filtering. For the setup I have at the church the sales rep for Astaro wanted me
       to run a dual processing Xeon with 2GB of RAM!!!
       Markus has done a great job with Copfilter. It has cut our Church's spam down by 85 - 90%.
       I don't have to worry about viruses anymore, we have Copfilter scanning all HTTP and FTP
       downloads and email is super clean. We were hit hard when Klez, Netsky and Sasser first came out.
       But as soon as I got the Beta6 out on the network we notice a huge change overnight.
       No more running around cleaning workstations. My workload has been cut in half.
       Thanks Markus!

telthenipperPosted: 04.09.2005, 16:23    
      Wow, Thanks for the Info guys, I really appreciate the help. Copfilter is a wicked product
      and the support is brilliant. Well done :-)

Jon Starr Posted
      Hi Markus,
      Although over the past week Copfilter has saved me from a massive headache,
      we are being flooded with bogus "System Administrator" messages from customers
      infected with the 'MyTob' worm, before I could get in on monday and see what
      was going on some of my users had tried to open the attachments thinking
      they were from me.  Thankfully Clamd had already eaten them :-))
      Thanks for all your hard work, Jon

TommaX Posted: 31.07.2005, 20:55
      Hi Markus
      I had the same problems w/copfilter as described by others in this thread.
      I made the edit to the file as you requested - on two different machines
      so far, about 18 hours ago - and all of the problems have vanished.....
      Copfilter is the best - fabulous piece of software!!
      Great work!!

Jon Starr Posted
      .. The rest of it still works very nicely, I love privoxy and
      so do my users Smilie

Harlekin Posted: 13.06.2005, 14:31
      ahhh.... thanks!! now it works like a charm!!

dayne Posted: 09.06.2005, 21:47
      SWEET! are you almost done? I was wondering if you ever needed any help I
      am here. Thanks for all you do Markus, U DA MAN! :-))

highlore Posted: 24.05.2005, 17:54
      Installed squidguard and copfilter again. Seems to work like a charm now ..
      I am very satisfied with ipcop and ofcoz with all the (unofficial) addons
      available... especially copfilter.  Keep up the good work Markus!!!

dayne Posted: 22.04.2005, 02:35
      I love the new copfilter. ....
      I love all the new features. I am using IPCOP 1.4.5 ....
      Thank you for all your hard work guys this is an awesome mod to IPCOP!


Comments in German:
Marcel Posted: 04.08.2005, 14:39
      geht wunderbar.... und das reicht mir auch, ich habe erst vorgehabt auf deine
      neue version aufzuspringen,,, aber die letzte laueft so gut und stabil bei mir,
      ich sehe erstmal keinen grund dafuer, gruesse aus Magdeburg, Marcel

mariohaner Posted: 20.03.2005, 14:56
      sersn, funzt einwandfrei Ausrufezeichen, thx.

Hount Posted: 12.02.2005, 10:12
      markus.hoffmann wrote:
      Und wieder ein zufriedener Nutzer mehr..........
      Zufrieden ?????  Zufrieden reicht nicht. Wuerde eher sachen begeistert :-D