HW Require 

Copfilter v2 Hardware Requirements



Because there are many misconceptions about the hardware requirements with Copfilter v2, we thought to create an

overview, which should reflect experiences and should facilitate the selection in the planning and is kept up to date.


First step is to know, which Copfilter Services are planned to run! The memory usage of each service vary greatly.

The most memory intense programs are C-ICAP (only if used with ClamAV Antivirus-HTTP scans), ClamAV (and

much more with 3-rd Party Sigs) and Spamassassin (if used with Sare Rules).

Note, the more 3-rd Sigs are used, the more memory is used.



5 up to 10 users ~ tested with 1 GB RAM, Pentium III 1Ghz


used services memory consumptions
- p3scan/proxsmtp 0% / 492kb
- C-ICAP (w. HTTP Scan) 46,1% / 477,98 MB
- C-ICAP (only URL-Filter) 0,8% / 6,3 MB
- ClamAV 11,2% / 116,4 MB
- Privoxy 1,1 % / 12,3 MB
- Spamassassin 1,4 % / 14,65 MB











is continued ...