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Copfilter Wiki

The Copfilter Wiki will be maintained by the Copfilter development team. Please use it as your first source of information. If the Wiki does not answer your question, feel free to use the Forum to get support.

Link to the Copfilter Wiki:

Copfilter Forum

The Copfilter Forum is the place to go if you need any support regarding Copfilter. Please be sure to check the Copfilter Wiki before asking questions on the Forum. A lot of common questions have already been answered in the Wiki. Bugs should reported in the Forum. If the Copfilter development team is able to confirm the bug, it will be documented in the Copfilter Bugtracker where you will be able to view the status of your bug.

Link to the Copfilter Forum:

Copfilter Forum - Development Area

A subsection of the Copfilter Forum contains a development forum which only appears if you are in the Copfilter forum development group. Please let me know if you would like to join and contribute to the Copfilter project, I can then add you to this group.

Copfilter Bugtracker

The Copfilter Bugtracker will act as a bug-tracking-tool for the Copfilter development team. Bugs which were reported in the Forum and confirmed by the Copfilter development team will be entered into the Bugtracker.

Link to the Copfilter Bugtracker:

Copfilter development team

If you feel that you can contribute to the Copfilter project, and you have for example helped other users in the forum, you can request access to the wiki and bugtracker, so that you can also add important information to it :)

Just drop me a note at copfilter .a.t. gmx [!dd.o t] net.

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