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Part 1 - Copfilter - Basic installation

1.1. Basic installation - Copfilter *does not yet exist* on target Cop



0.85.3beta4 (V1: 1.4.x ONLY) V1-Logo

2.0.90.beta4 (V2: 1.9.6-1.9.18 ONLY) V2-Logo

2.0.90 (V2: 1.9.19 / 2.0) V2-Logo

2.0.91beta1 (V2: 2.0.2) V2-Logo

2.0.91beta4 (V2: 2.0.3-2.0.6) V2-Logo

2.1.92beta2 (V2: 2.1.1-2.1.3) V2-Logo

2.1.92beta3 (V2: 2.1.4) V2-Logo

2.1.92beta4 (V2: 2.1.5) V2-Logo

2.1.92beta6 (V2: 2.1.7) V2-Logo

2.1.93beta1 (V2: 2.1.8 / 2.1.9) V2-Logo


IPCop 1.4.x ONLY: V1-Logo
Version 0.85.3beta4:

V1:copfilter-0.85.3beta4.tgz2011-08-1465.9 MB
MD5SUM: F4442CBA6F7734AD995E243BB48E24AD

Please note:

IPCop 1.9.6-1.9.18 ONLY: V2-Logo
Version 2.0.90.beta4:

V2:copfilter-2.0.90beta4.tgz2011-01-2377.2 MB
MD5SUM: 894E41331CBA6C37E9665B06DA4F90E8

IPCop 1.9.19 / 2.0 (not for IPCop 2.0.x!): V2-Logo
Version 2.0.90:

V2:copfilter-2.0.90.tgz2011-05-2976.9 MB
MD5SUM: D4A6FC60296CAC74212A837E259B6269

Please note:

IPCop version 2.0.x includes an openssl update - therefore an Update-Fix must be installed.

Update-Fix for IPCop-Version 2.0.x:

V2:copfilter-2.0.90-ipcop-2.0.x-update.tgz2011-11-1318.7 MB
MD5SUM: 09719516DA52BAAD4DB184B990A3A26C

This Copfilter update makes services compatible with IPCop-2.0.x, and fixes all bugs found so far.

IPCop 2.0.2: V2-Logo
Version 2.0.91beta1:

V2:copfilter-2.0.91beta1.tgz2012-01-0746.4 MB
MD5SUM: 9B3A3D23146D0C63912910DC7FE969D9

Please note:

IPCop 2.0.3-2.0.6: V2-Logo
Version 2.0.91beta4:

V2:copfilter-2.0.91beta4.tgz2013-08-0341.2 MB
MD5SUM: 72F3EF7E5B2D71A2C8FBE430172C99F2

Fundamental changes in the Copfilter 2.0.91beta4::

  • Black-and whitelist manager real-time support is available. Changes are applied immediately.
  • Special exceptions for IPCop backup settings added.
  • Fixed: privoxy restart via Web GUI.
  • Download sources for SpamAssassin rules updated (new: MBL [Malware Block List] - if German language is activated in IPCop Web GUI ZMI-rules are used).
  • For individual adjustments in '' the following source can be used:
  • 3rdP Sigs updated (Severus).
  • C-ICAP / HAVP templates updated (ShelbyGT500).
  • Language files updated and adjusted (FischerM).
  • Flash installer (company axs dot at).
  • Interaction of C-ICAP, HAVP and Privoxy revised.


  • Support for other fonts in '' for p3scan Black-and whitelist.
  • Troubleshooting the IPCop status in English language.

Please note:

IPCop 2.1.1-2.1.3: V2-Logo
Version 2.1.92beta2:

V2:copfilter-2.1.92beta2.tgz2014-03-1443.2 MB
MD5SUM: 10A5724D9500DC66275D566CE01DD542

IPCop 2.1.4: V2-Logo
Version 2.1.92beta3:

V2:copfilter-2.1.92beta3.tgz2014-04-1043.5 MB
MD5SUM: 5753AE5568E65966CC545FFAF3CD1369

IPCop 2.1.5: V2-Logo
Version 2.1.92beta4:

V2:copfilter-2.1.92beta4.tgz2014-05-0445.3 MB
MD5SUM: 195C40517D01F2444E020C75CFC4DCD3

IPCop 2.1.7: V2-Logo
Version 2.1.92beta6:

V2:copfilter-2.1.92beta6.tgz2014-11-1441.5 MB
MD5SUM: C5AB8513BA4D3265496E2970E99AC378

IPCop 2.1.8 / 2.1.9: V2-Logo
Version 2.1.93beta1:

V2:copfilter-2.1.93beta1.tgz2015-03-1439.4 MB
MD5SUM: 5C65455ED3167C5CD45026CF6ECD414E


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