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Installation procedures


This guide tries to be complete as well as simple, especially for the novice(s). Advanced users could find this annoying, but a lot of requests in the Copfilter forum showed us that it is often better to discuss the matter in detail.

The aim is to create and maintain a clean Copfilter installation, based on the current IPCop 1.4.2x/1.9.x/2.x (this was supposed to run on any IPCop, even the older versions, but we recommend that you use the latest and most current stable IPCop).

1.1 / 1.2. Installing Copfilter: Basic and Update installation

One has to distinguish between


These two types of installation differ in a few small, but important points:

  • During an update installation the user can save all Copfilter settings using the Copfilter installation tool 'setup_util'.
  • Uninstalling the old Copfilter version takes place afterwards.
  • Next, the actual Copfilter installation is started.
  • And at the very end, the previously saved settings of the various Copfilter components - and this can be a lot! - are restored using 'setup_util' again.

This procedure sounds perhaps a bit complicated, but has been well documented and obeying the command sequences is simple.

1.3. Updating ClamAV

While installing the ClamAV update package, HAVP is automatically updated to the latest version, too - if necessary.

1.4. Installing Signature Check upgrade

An additional safeguard for ClamAV and HAVP!

This package installs an additional signature check for ClamAV databases in order to prevent a system failure through possibly faulty virus signature files.
- And yes, this has already happened…

This modification has been revised and renewed, it will be automatically uninstalled during the installation of the 3rd party signatures.

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