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Revered Community,...

I tried to maintain most of the original articulation - this text - originally a thread in the old Copfilter forum, was originally mostly written by the deceased Ralf Simon (†09.11.2008, welt_am_draht).

:!: I want him to remain in our memories, so I kept most of his text structures.

:!: However, I adapted the version numbers and download links.

:!: The old Copfilter forum no longer exists, now there is the Copfilter-Wiki!

Therefore…“Same procedure as last year”…

…in “old” tradition with the Pimp the Copfilter 0.84beta2-Thread by Huhjukel - he has also contributed strongly to the old pimp-threads! - here is the updated and revised version of the Copfilter Wiki:

Main goal

  • The main purpose is to collect and describe numerous tips regarding the Copfilter-Addon for IPCop 1.4.2x (abbreviated: V1) and 1.9.x/2.x (abbreviated: V2).
  • If you run into problems regarding this guidances, please open a new thread in the Copfilter-Forum or send us (karesmakro, severus, fischerm) a PM (Private Message) via Copfilter Forum.
    Any requests for changes or extensions will be taken in account.
  • In addition, seriously interested employees are always welcome, please contact us via PM or in the Forum

A few important remarks in advance

  • Everybody who installs the Copfilter should be absolutely clear about what he/she is doing - that's why previous studies of the documentation (PDF-version) are essential and an absolute must. Although these documentations are no longer up to date, they are indispensable as an introduction!
  • This addon is not for novices.
  • And - did I mention this already…?: This addon is not for novices. ;-)
  • The header of a successful Copfilter installation should be taken seriously:

WARNING: This package is NOT an official ipcop addon. It has not been approved or reviewed by the ipcop development team. It comes with NO warranty or guarantee, so use it at your own risk. This package adds firewall rules, proxies, filters and virus scanners to your ipcop machine. Do NOT use Copfilter if firewall security is an issue. With HAVP you could still receive a virus.

However, if someone keeps to the rules above, a smooth-operating Copfilter is no problem - the network that I use while creating and maintaining this Wiki is now running for over 145 148 152 159 175 177 180 189 197 201165 168 172 18672 many… days behind an IPCop 1.4.21 2.0.6 + Copfilter 0.84beta4 0.85.3beta4 2.0.91beta3 2.0.91beta4 in 24/7-operation reliable and trouble-free.

The only things that could stop him in between were prolonged power outages. An emergency diesel is unfortunately not yet available.

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