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Part 1 - Update (ClamAV-Signatures)

1.4. signature_check 0.92 (karesmakro)

This modification has been revised and renewed, it will be automatically uninstalled during the installation of the 3rd party signatures.

However, before you do, keep the minimum hardware requirements in mind:

  • PIII/700
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 4 GB HDD


Karesmakro has written a small modification for ClamAV, with the following features:

  • Virus definition backups with regular updates
  • Checking of HAVP/ClamAV-services
  • Restoration of the defective signature(s) from backup in case of an error
  • Automatic restart of involved services
  • Notification via email to the admin and syslog entry

It sounds simple (… all good things are simple) and the effect is large:
Even if we'd have a few corrupted signatures, the system would run as before after a few minutes, and without further user intervention!

How it works

This checking tool is based on an update of third-party signatures and an immediate check of the databases without using 'monit'. It doesn't wait until a service fails, but the signatures are immediately checked for validity and in serious cases, the signature backups are restored!


IPCop 1.4.x ONLY: V1-Logo

V1:signature_check-v0.92.tar.gz5.8 KB
MD5SUM: 4B6DD7D3168F424CA916838C1BE885C7


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