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Start-Page - Overview

Basics Tools Component Updates Modifications and Extensions Bugfixes Tips and Tricks HowTos
Contents What is the Copfilter? Copfilter - Installation and update Installation procedures Wget HAVP (V1) ClamAV - TCP-Socket sendEmail-Problems Power-Button-Tip (V1) Copfilter and Exchange
Basic-Installation (V1/V2) Update-Installation (V1/V2) Copfilter Basics - Features and first setup gVim SpamAssassin-iXhash (V1) ClamAV - Unix-Socket P3Scan-Crash CSS-Tuning
ClamAV-Update / Downgrade Signature-Check for ClamAV PuTTY Monit (V1/V2) ClamAV - Library-Scanner E-Mail-Problems Options in 'setup_util'
WinSCP P3Scan (V1) monit-Changes 'monit' won't start 'monit' won't start
Midnight Commander (V1/V2) Privoxy (V1/V2) Squid and monit P3Scan-start fix Turn off E-Mail
HashTab SendEmail Copfilter and 'logrotate.conf' Mailscanner-Modification 'crontab' prevents Copfilter installation
Rsync (V1) SpamAssassin (V1/V2) Squid - cache.log Language-Bugfix Copfilter and BOT (V1)
FastStone Capture F-PROT (V1/V2) Bayes: Autolearning 'privoxy' inactive Testing sendEmail
IMSpector (V1) Whitelist User Manager Frox / AVG-Fix IPCop-Installation: adjusting partitions manually (V2)
IMAPClient 3rd Party Signatures (V1/V2) #1 HAVP-Optimization with RAM-Disk (V1)
PHP (V1/V2) IMSpector - exporting Real Time Logviewer #2 P3Scan/Mails are delayed (V2)
C-ICAP (V2) Customize Footer (V2) copfilter_monit - change SMTP-Port HAVP - Authentification-Problem
Customize daily graphs (V2) Quarantine error
SMP-CPU Graphs (V2) SpamAssassin and the year 2010
3rdP rules for privoxy (V1/V2) 'privoxy' won't start
Additional SpamAssassin Rules Keep copfilter_cronlog clean
Backup- and Restore Mod (admin.mod) Security-Update for HAVP 0.92a
IPTables-Fix for P3Scan (V2)
Copfilter V1 - Bugfixes
Copfilter V2 - Bugfixes
Infos - Link collection

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