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Part 1 - Copfilter - Update-Installation

1.2. Update installation - Copfilter is already available and will be updated



0.85.3beta4 (V1: 1.4.x ONLY) V1-Logo

2.0.90.beta4 (V2: 1.9.6-1.9.18 ONLY) V2-Logo

2.0.90 (V2: 1.9.19 / 2.0) V2-Logo

2.0.91beta1 (V2: 2.0.2) V2-Logo

2.0.91beta4 (V2: 2.0.3-2.0.6) V2-Logo

2.1.92beta2 (V2: 2.1.1-2.1.3) V2-Logo

2.1.92beta3 (V2: 2.1.4) V2-Logo

2.1.92beta4 (V2: 2.1.5) V2-Logo

2.1.92beta6 (V2: 2.1.7) V2-Logo

2.1.93beta1 (V2: 2.1.8 / 2.1.9) V2-Logo


IPCop 1.4.x ONLY: V1-Logo
Version 0.85.3beta4:

V1:copfilter-0.85.3beta4.tgz2011-08-1465.9 MB
MD5SUM: F4442CBA6F7734AD995E243BB48E24AD

Please note:

IPCop 1.9.6-1.9.18 ONLY: V2-Logo
Version 2.0.90.beta4:

V2:copfilter-2.0.90beta4.tgz2011-01-2377.2 MB
MD5SUM: 894E41331CBA6C37E9665B06DA4F90E8

IPCop 1.9.19 / 2.0 (not for IPCop 2.0.x!): V2-Logo
Version 2.0.90:

V2:copfilter-2.0.90.tgz2011-05-2976.9 MB
MD5SUM: D4A6FC60296CAC74212A837E259B6269

Please note:

IPCop version 2.0.x includes an openssl update - therefore an Update-Fix must be installed.

Update-Fix for IPCop-Version 2.0.x:

V2:copfilter-2.0.90-ipcop-2.0.x-update.tgz2011-11-1318.7 MB
MD5SUM: 09719516DA52BAAD4DB184B990A3A26C

This Copfilter update makes services compatible with IPCop-2.0.x, and fixes all bugs found so far.

IPCop 2.0.2: V2-Logo
Version 2.0.91beta1:

V2:copfilter-2.0.91beta1.tgz2012-01-0746.4 MB
MD5SUM: 9B3A3D23146D0C63912910DC7FE969D9

Please note:

IPCop 2.0.3-2.0.6: V2-Logo
Version 2.0.91beta4:

V2:copfilter-2.0.91beta4.tgz2013-08-0341.2 MB
MD5SUM: 72F3EF7E5B2D71A2C8FBE430172C99F2

Fundamental changes in the Copfilter 2.0.91beta4::

  • Black-and whitelist manager real-time support is available. Changes are applied immediately.
  • Special exceptions for IPCop backup settings added.
  • Fixed: privoxy restart via Web GUI.
  • Download sources for SpamAssassin rules updated (new: MBL [Malware Block List] - if German language is activated in IPCop Web GUI ZMI-rules are used).
  • For individual adjustments in '' the following source can be used:
  • 3rdP Sigs updated (Severus).
  • C-ICAP / HAVP templates updated (ShelbyGT500).
  • Language files updated and adjusted (FischerM).
  • Flash installer (company axs dot at).
  • Interaction of C-ICAP, HAVP and Privoxy revised.


  • Support for other fonts in '' for p3scan Black-and whitelist.
  • Troubleshooting the IPCop status in English language.

Please note:

IPCop 2.1.x: V2-Logo
Version 2.1.92beta2:

V2:copfilter-2.1.92beta2.tgz2014-03-1443.2 MB
MD5SUM: 10A5724D9500DC66275D566CE01DD542

IPCop 2.1.5: V2-Logo
Version 2.1.92beta4:

V2:copfilter-2.1.92beta4.tgz2014-05-0445.3 MB
MD5SUM: 195C40517D01F2444E020C75CFC4DCD3

IPCop 2.1.7: V2-Logo
Version 2.1.92beta6:

V2:copfilter-2.1.92beta6.tgz2014-11-1441.5 MB
MD5SUM: C5AB8513BA4D3265496E2970E99AC378

IPCop 2.1.8 / 2.1.9: V2-Logo
Version 2.1.93beta1:

V2:copfilter-2.1.93beta1.tgz2015-03-1439.4 MB
MD5SUM: 5C65455ED3167C5CD45026CF6ECD414E



  • :!: The update installation differs from the normal installation procedure!

First, an update-installation proceeds as described in The installation of the software archives:


  1. :!: During an update installation you shouldn't go on and start './install' at this point, but launch the Copfilter maintenance script 'setup_util' in directory '/var/log/copfilter/default'!
  2. :!: Don't start Copfilter-Deinstallation in directory '/var/log/copfilter/default', because Copfilter directories are deleted during removal!

Next thing to do now is to save your Copfilter settings (E-Mail, Whitelist, Bayes-DB etc.) using the command 'setup_util -b':

/var/log/copfilter/default/setup_util -b



root@ipcoptest:~ # /var/log/copfilter/default/setup_util -b
creating backup to /var/log/copfilter/default/backup/etc_20140309133448.tgz ..
The following files and folders will be included in the backup:
tar: Removing leading `/' from member names
backup completed successfully

Now the old Copfilter version is uninstalled (-u):

/var/log/copfilter/default/setup_util -u



root@ipcoptest:~ # /var/log/copfilter/default/setup_util -u

You have choosen to uninstall Copfilter (... and fprot, if installed),
all Copfilter files will be deleted,
including the following:
    - all Website-settings
    - all Copfilter-White-/Blacklist-Mailadresses
    - all Copfilter Spam-Mailadresses
    - all Log-files (clamd,spamd,havp)
    - spamassassin BAYES-Database

If you want to save these files, make a backup:
./setup_util -b /tmp/mybackupfile.tgz
And restore this backup as follows:
./setup_util -r /tmp/mybackupfile.tgz

Continue ? [y/N]

After entering “y”:

Ok, now removing copfilter from your machine..
stopping all services..
monit is not running
privoxy is not running
p3scan is not running
removing firewall rules
frox is not running
No firewall rules active, frox ftp filtering not active
imspector is not running
spamd is not running
clamd is not running
havp is not running
fpscand is not running
c-icap is not running

Deleting /var/log/copfilter                                              ok
deleting copfilter helper scripts in /usr/local/bin                      ok
removing /root/.razor and /root/.spamassassin                            ok
deleting copfilter startup scripts in /etc/rc.d/rc.event.local           ok
deleting startup scripts in /etc/rc.d/rc.firewall.local                  ok
deleting copfilter users and groups                                      ok
deleting copfilter init scripts from /etc/rc.d/init.d/                   ok
deleting copfilter entries from crontab                                  ok
deleting Copfilter Libraries                                             ok
deleting unzip from /usr/local/bin                                       ok
deleting wget from /usr/local/bin                                        ok
deleting copfilter documentation from /home/httpd/html/copfilterdoc      ok
deleting copfilter webgui                                                ok
deleting clamav statistics webpage                                       ok
deleting webgui for email white/black lists                              ok
Restoring /etc/rsyslog.conf and kill -HUP rsyslog                        ok
Restoring /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf and restarting httpd                ok
deleting copfilter webgui entry from                           ok
deleting copfilter entries from /etc/squid/squid.conf                    ok
deleting copfilter entries from /home/httpd/cgi-bin/proxy.cgi            ok
deleting link to copfilter installation directory from /root             ok

Uninstallation completed successfully !

Only now the new version is installed, this corresponds to point 6 of the installation instructions:



Check all outputs for errors!

This corresponds to point 7 of the installation instructions.

If everything went ok, the Copfilter components were updated.

Now the Copfilter settings can be restored (-r):

/var/log/copfilter/default/setup_util -r


The installation files can now be removed, this corresponds to point 8 of the installation instructions:

cd /[directory_with_copfilter_installation_archive]


rm -R copfilter-*


  • After restoring Copfilter, settings of all Copfilter configuration pages should first be saved (without service restart)!
  • If C-ICAP and an URLFilter blacklist were active, Blacklist must be activated on C-ICAP page (without saving) and downloaded again.
  • Only then, you can “Restart all services” on the status page.
  • This way a backup should be succeed without problems.

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