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How to translate Copfilter into different languages:

When installed, Copfilter will display its menus in the language which was configured in ipcop.

All Copfilter language files are located in /var/log/copfilter/default/langs
The name of the language files are (for example for English):
(1) and (2)

The documentation to translate is located in
(3) /var/log/copfilter/default/doc_all_lang

A list of languages corresponding to the 2 letter abbreviation is located in

In the files:
All lines starting with a # are comments, no text should be inserted before the #

If you have a quote (the character ' ) in your translation then you must escape it, meaning instead of writing a ' you must write \'
otherwise you will get errors in the webgui

After the translation is finished and you have verified every page in the Copfilter Webgui is correctly displayed, please send me the and the file (for example and to copfilter [the. at. sign.]

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